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Relegation ~ via

9 Jun – 30 Jul 2022
Relegation~via, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, 2022Catherine Lorent, visual artist, musician and art historian (PhD), creates complex Gesamtkunstwerks of voice, painting, drawing, sculpture, performance and popular and classical music in theatrical settings – hybrid installations that play with baroque references and dissolve boundaries of art genres. Different format drawings of strange chimaeras and peculiar coats of arms are mounted on the[...]


Current exhibition


13 Apr – 28 May 2022
Humans are social and political beings and their voices are essential as the physical site of the social realm (Dieter Mersch) The voice is never just a tool of articulation, but is always linked to action. It becomes political in institutionalised practices like the right to vote, voting and the counting of votes. People gain[...]